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10 June 2013

Moroccan Cactus Silk Table Runners on Site!

On our very first buying trip to Morocco, we fell in love with the colorful cactus silk (or Sabra silk, as many Moroccans say) scarves and throw pillow covers. We bought up lots of fabulous scarves, but upon return home decided they had too much “body” to drape easily as a scarves. However, they made gorgeous staging accessories for our local shows and sales. So gorgeous, in fact, that our customers bought them right off of our displays, even though they weren’t “for sale”. We had to re-create displays a few times in the middle of a show to accommodate our enthusiastic customers. Some used them as table runners or other decor accents, some as light evening wraps or scarves, and some just for the fabric, to create a decor or personal accessories. Naturally, we brought lots more cactus silk back from Morocco on subsequent trips. During several buying excursions, we’ve visited our artisans’ workshops and observed the time-consuming process of hand-looming this beautiful fabric.

We’ve just added a selection of Table Runners to our site; please visit any of the product pages of to learn a bit more about the artisans and the process of creating cactus silk fabric. (Click here: Table Runners, and then click on any of the products to read the description.)

Also see the selection of colorful cactus silk Throw Pillows that we continue to offer on site!