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28 December 2012

Stove Team International

We’re pleased to include Stove Team International in our donations this year. If you’re considering year-end giving, this is a wonderful opportunity!

Based in our hometown, Eugene, Oregon, this non-profit group helps to establish cooking stove factories in third world countries using local labor and resources. By replacing traditional open fire cooking with fuel-efficient “Ecocina Stoves”, injuries and deaths from accidents, health problems from breathing the toxic fumes, and carbon emissions are greatly reduced. Visit for more information.

While Stove Team doesn’t currently operate in Morocco, its work is consistent with our goals, helping to create sustainable employment in third world countries, while improving people’s health and safety and the environment.

Other groups Moroccan Buzz has supported this year include the High Atlas Foundation, which creates and supports development projects in rural Morocco, Found Objects, an independent film featuring local talent, and our local schools and charitable organizations.

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